Why Did We Start This Project?



Hey Every One!

We here at RMars Media started this project to be able to share our reviews and discussions we’ve had with some awesome people. As of right now we are working on Bored in Bakersfield in partnership with Blue Sky Media, working with The American Cancer Society of Bakersfield with their social media, and so much more in the works. If you haven’t seen our work we will be posting it on our Youtube and Facebook once everything has cleared legal.

We are a small production team made up of myself (RMars),Sidekick Sam and Ryan (to be named later). We have a dream of creating content that people will enjoy consuming like a tour bus full of people at the best buffet in town. We want to be your fried rice, your broccoli beef and maybe someday be your orange chicken! Any ways we want to contribute to our community and build a better life for those around us.

How will we be accomplishing this buffet of entertainment? Well let me fill you in! Like I said in a prior paragraph we have the Bored in Bakersfield show which highlights local establishments, we will be working on the Not Your Average Middle-Class Podcast which will have guests, financial information, travel, movies and television, hobbies and even reviews that we think the people of the forgotten middle class will enjoy. Our guests will be people that are respected in their professions and maybe even some more interesting people. I believe that you will love our content and hope that we will stay in contact!


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