What an Experience at Bakersfield’s Relay For Life!



If you live in or around Bakersfield, CA you know how crazy the weather has been in the last few days! From a blistering 100 degrees to a bone chilling 40 something. That didn’t stop the good people of Bakersfield from coming out and rising over 700k for cancer research.

As you can see in the photo above, which I took at the survivor lap, the day was chilly but beautiful. Everyone was bundling up and preparing for the over night stay for many of them. It was around 60 degrees when this photo was taken, and i think it was a true blessing. Why would I that? Well the fact that the rain was supposed to be here when the survivors were walking their lap. I believe God blessed us with amazing weather at this time to let those who have been fighting through some of the roughest years, months or even days of their lives. I couldn’t help but get emotional thinking of the strength it took some of them to get up in the morning and walk a lap around a field still wet from the light showers from the day before. Smiles were all over everyones faces as they paced through the crowd. I’ve never seen a crowd full of smiles, even at disneyland where you will see a large crowd of smiling children but catch a glimpse of the broken fathers carrying over stuffed bags like the family pack mules of years passed.

You may be wondering why I’ve been speaking about  the weather so much? Well it got ugly, to a point where water began to have puddles of water in them. Many people waited until the Luminaria event had been completed before leaving. The Luminaria is where we remember those who didn’t make it to the Relay this year because of the battle. I myself walked in a remembrance of my Aunt Sandy, a beautiful woman who brought a lot of laughter to her family. I miss her but that story will another post to come.

I returned at 5 am Sunday to find a barren field where people had originally set up campsites, I guess the weather got the best of them but who do I see still in costume and carrying their rallying flag???? The 501st, a group of amazing individuals who come together wearing Star Wars outfits to help raise money for charities. It was amazing, these guys weathered the storm and marched on, this group will forever have my favor. Please check out their site http://501st.com.

I am so thankful for the experience and I am so excited for my roll in next years Relay For Life.




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