Not Hiding My Preparedness Anymore!


So when I created this part of my media business I was hesitant to hide the fact that I am a person who prepares for natural disasters, otherwise known as a prepare. No I am not a doomsday prepare, but after working in the utility industry for some years you start to see some things that make you think. I was support for my company in a large wildfire here in the central valley a while ago and it taught me some valuable lessons. I did  not want to be categorized with those people who buy bunkers and such, maybe ill get there, so i hinted at it every once in a while. Well now i have come to find that there is a bigger network of people out there who aren’t those extreme peppers we have seen on television.

I am an average middle class guy who wants to help others in life and that means to wake them up so they are not left in the dust when they could have made their position better by preparing. That doesn’t mean I can’t have a wine video or financial video every now and then! So like I said this project is more than one subject, but just like me I’m sure there are others who are not defined by one subject!

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